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Embrace the Comfort of Merino Wool Clothing with Paire

At Paire, we know first hand how unpredictable Australian weather can be. Some days you’re curling up in freezing weather, other times you’re braving the outside world on a sweltering 30 degree day.

Whatever the weather, you need clothes that do the work for you, keeping you the perfect temperature all year long.

Our Merino wool clothing collection, featuring everything from cosy Merino pants to versatile tank tops, has been designed and created for style and practicality. Experience the unique blend of luxury and functionality with Paire's Merinol clothing – a must-have for every wardrobe.

Merino Wool Clothes: For Homebodies And Explorers Alike

Everybody and everyday is different. Some of us are avid hikers, but sometimes hikes are from the couch to the fridge, rather than the great outdoors.

Whatever day you’re having, Paire’s Merino wool clothes are here to hold your hand. Our comfy wool clothing collection was made to:

  • Have No More Sweat Patches: Merino Wool Clothes are odour-free and sweat-free, leaving you to hike or lounge in comfort. 
  • Be Soft & Light: Our merino clothing is light and breezy, but also wrinkle free. 
  • Be Versatile: Unisex and chic, our Merino clothing is for anyone, to wear anywhere.

Paire's Foundation: Social Responsibility and Meticulous Crafting

At the end of the day, Paire’s responsibility is to the environment. If you feel the same, we want to help you heal the planet, not hurt it. 

That’s why - instead of just using any old fabric - we made our own. 

Supreme BreezeBlend™ is one of our sustainable fabric babies, made from Aussie Merino Wool and eucalyptus tree fibres. Grown with no nasty chemicals and crafted with no farmer or labour exploitation, so you can feel good about what goes on your body.

Paire's approach is one of vertical integration, meaning we also oversee every step of our supply chain. No secrets, no hidden agendas.

Our Merino Wool Clothing, Your New BFF

From Merino pants to tank tops, Paire has all your breathable wardrobe essentials. 

Go for a darker look? We have dark forest greens and blacks, or if you’re feeling lighter, we have pastel pistachios and sky blues.

Easy to wash and maintain, they fit perfectly into your fast (or slow) moving lifestyle.. No need for special treatments, just a simple wash and they're ready to wear again. It's fuss-free fashion at its finest.

Maintaining Your Merino Wool Clothing

One of the reasons the fashion industry isn’t eco-friendly is because some clothes last one wear before they’re toast.

We want you to be in your Paires for a long time, so learning how to give Merino wool clothes the best wash will keep them in your wardrobe, and out of landfill.

Here’s how to keep your Merino clothing looking and feeling fresh:

  • Use cold washes: Cold water helps maintain the integrity and softness of your Merino wool clothes, stops them from shrinking, and is also much better for the environment. Remember, wool hates hot water, so keep it cold or warm at the most.
  • Stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals so your wool clothing doesn’t get degraded. 
  • Line dry: Keep your Paires out of the dryer and line dry them to harness the sun's natural ray’s. To keep the colours of your wool clothes vibrant, line dry them in the shade. This prevents fading and keeps the fabric in top condition.

Whether it's your Merino pants or wool clothes, we know you’ll want to wear them over and over. Follow our handy steps to keep them fresh for as long as possible. 

Gentle to the Touch

The fibres of our Merino wool clothes are exceptionally fine, making it the obvious choice over the harsh scratchy feeling found in traditional wool. We’ve made our BreezeBlend stretchy enough to mould itself to you without sticking, sweat-proof and (most importantly) incredibly comfy.

This fine quality allows Merino wool to flex and bend much more easily, resulting in a fabric that feels wonderfully soft and gentle against your skin.

Paire For All

Our wool clothing collection reflects our ethos, sustainable, stylish and inclusive. Our wool clothes, ranging from sleek Merino pants to cosy hoodies, are designed with a unisex appeal and a fit that flatters every body type. 

We get that style is personal, but comfort is universal. That's why our Merino wool clothes are unisex, so anyone and everyone can get themselves into Paire.

The Paire Promise: Quality, Design, and Sustainability

Choosing Paire means choosing a brand dedicated to exceptional quality, innovative design, and unparalleled comfort. Our Merino wool clothing, crafted with your needs in mind, reflects our commitment to sustainable practices. 

While you enjoy our Paires, you're also supporting the wellbeing of our planet and shopping from an Australian business. Go you!