A new way
to wear
the hoodie

We're redefining

the classics.





It's beyond the ordinary.



Designed to take you on another level of comfort

anytime, anywhere.



Q: Why should I choose this hoodie?


A: When you put this on, your skin is immediately embraced with the softness of our fabric made with premium and natural materials. 



        Feel fresh and balanced



The relaxed silhouette is a seamless fit into your everyday. Wear it while doing the groceries, doing some work at a café or on your next trip to the airport.



        An effortlessly cool, unisex outfit




Supreme Cool Blend™


Introducing the collaboration of two premium materials, and making it groundbreaking.


Organic Cotton

Wicks moisture away to keep you feeling fresh, and its hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for sensistive skin.


 Aussie Merino Wool

Its antibacterial and odour resistant properties mean you can confidently wear it 3 days in a row.

(if you really wanted to)

Q: What makes this hoodie different?


A: The biggest difference is our materials.


Most hoodies are made with polyester, which can be irritating to sensitve skin and trap heat, causing hot flushes and sweatiness.

Also as an oil-based plastic, it does not biodegrade once thrown away but rather, sits in the landfill for decades.



          Little details. Huge difference.



When you go home with our Supreme Cool Blend™ hoodie, you support ethical sourcing of natural materials which your skin loves.



         Earth's favourite pair(e).



High tech.
Low key.