Secret behind ‘anti-slip’ socks leaving shoppers ‘addicted’

Who the heck is Paire?

This fabric tech startup may have found the formula that everyone was looking for: 

Merino Wool + Organic Cotton = ridiculously comfortable socks that actually solves your feet problems. 

Find out why 70,000+ Australians are going crazy over these socks.

So what makes Paire socks the best "anti-slip" socks?

1. The 90-degree Design

Most socks in the market are designed at a 120-degree angle for cost-saving purposes 

This makes it easy to slip off, hence why you socks do the same.

But Paire socks is different. 

Our socks are uniquely shaped to match your foot's contours, ensuring they stay securely in place. 

So you no longer need to worry about adjusting your socks when you take off your shoes.

2. It's Anti-Blisters.

Did you know that poorly fitted socks can cause chafing and blisters when they slide around in your shoes?

Since Paire is made in 90-degree angle, it securely fit your food preventing chafing and blisters.


3. Extra Cushion Arch Support 

Our socks feature additional padding beneath the arch for superior comfort.

This reduces foot fatigue and making every step feel like you're walking on clouds. 

4. It's Moisture-wicking

Sweaty feet are always not good.

Not only it causes blisters, but sweaty feet create yucky sweaty feeling and create unpleasant odours. 

Paire socks keep your feet dry and fresh all day long, thanks to the natural moisture-wicking properties of Merino wool.

No more sweaty discomfort, chafing, or blisters!


5. It's Naturally Hypoallergenic

Paire Socks are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. 

Paire's merino wool and organic cotton doesn't allow allergens to stick themselves to the socks and Paire premium materials doesn't encourage the growth of harmful bacteria either. 

This makes the Paire socks perfect for sensitive feet.

It's pretty clear why Paire has become an Australian sensation...

Join 70,000 Australian customers. Stocks are running out fast.

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