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Say Goodbye to the Itch with SilKnit™

The quest for the perfect sweater often ends in a scratchy disappointment. But not anymore! Paire's SilKnit™ Sweater is here to change the game, offering all the warmth without the itch.

1. The End of the Itch

Imagine wrapping yourself in a cloud. That's the SilKnit™ promise. No more fidgeting or scratching, just pure blissful comfort, thanks to our special Silk and Merino wool

2. Luxury That Lasts

Beyond just being itch-free, this sweater is a symbol of enduring elegance. It’s resilient against pilling, keeping you looking polished and put-together, no matter the occasion.

3. Cool When Hot, Warm When Not

Thanks to its smart fabric blend, this sweater is a master of temperature regulation. It adapts to your body and the weather, ensuring you're always just right.

4. Style for Every Body

With its sleek unisex design, the SilKnit™ Sweater welcomes everyone to enjoy its comfort. It's the piece you didn't know your wardrobe needed.

5. Sustainability Meets Softness

Embrace a sweater that cares for the planet as much as it cares for your comfort. Our sustainable silk and Merino blend means you can feel good about feeling good.

Wrap Yourself in Comfort The No-Itch Sweater You've Been Dreaming Of

Experience the difference with SilKnit™.
Soft, cozy, and completely itch-free.

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