5 Reasons Why 70,000 Aussies are Switching Their Socks to Paire

Who the heck is Paire?

This fabric tech startup may have found the formula that everyone was looking for: 

Merino Wool + Organic Cotton = ridiculously comfortable socks that actually solves your feet problems. 

Find out why 70,000+ Australians are going crazy over these socks.

So what exactly does it do?

1. It's Warm In Winter. Cool In Summer.

Feet temperature plays a vital role in body temperature. 

Socks made from polyester can't keep your feet warm due to it's thin layer. 

With Paire Socks, enjoy perfect temperature all day long. 

During winter, it's like having a blanket over your feet. 

Merino Wool and Organic Cotton are premium materials that will feel like you are walking on fluffy clouds.

2. It's Anti-Sweat.

Ever imagine what it would be like to run and workout without your socks soaking up your sweat like a sponge? 

Or better yet, just workout without that yucky sweaty feeling? 

Well, with the Paire Socks, you don't have to imagine it. 

Paire Socks, are anti-sweat, because of its merino wool. The socks keeps you cool and clean, so you can workout freely.   

3. It's Anti-Smell

You'll walk in confidence with Paire socks.

As it is moisture-wicking, it means that the smell won't be absorbed by the socks.

No more pinching your nose! Or embarrassed to take your shoes off.

You can carry on with anything with Paire Socks, truly invincible knowing that you can sweat, stress-free!

4. It's Anti-Blister

Paire Socks really takes exercise to the next level! 

It's proprietary 90 degree design means, it won't rub on your ankle. 

Despite all the trail runs, long walks and marathons, your socks will stay locked in. 

No more placing bandaids on your bloody blisters.

5. It's Naturally Hypoallergenic

Paire Socks are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. 

Paire's merino wool and organic cotton doesn't allow allergens to stick themselves to the socks and Paire premium materials doesn't encourage the growth of harmful bacteria either. 

This makes the Paire socks perfect for sensitive feet.

It's pretty clear why Paire has become an Australian sensation...

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