Why Paire is the comfiest sock?


Our products are thoughtfully designed, right down to the care instructions. Find out how to get those good feels for longer. (Clicks through to care instructions).


Paire’s supreme Cool Blend™ of Australian Merino wool and organic combed cotton means you don’t need to wash your socks quite as often as you would with a regular pair. More wear time. Fewer washes. Water saved.


Hand-sewn for maximum comfort. No blisters or skin irritations. No bunching at the toes. And cloud cushioning designed to hug your sole and put extra pep in your step.



Merry People and Paire met through our local Collingwood start-up community & came together because we believe in the same things - making high quality products which keep your feet comfortable whilst adventuring. So here we are, 12 months of talks, designing and experimenting has led us to this; a perfectly curated sock made to be the ideal height for your Merry People boots. Made of Paire’s signature Supreme CoolBlend, a blend of Australian Merino Wool and organic combed cotton, these socks don’t leave your feet feeling hot and stinky. A true fabric chameleon; warm when you need them to be, and cool when you don’t.



“Genuinely the most comfortable pair of socks I have ever worn!” - Dani, founder of Merry People. “Yes yes yes! I’ve finally found the perfect sock that I can wear on my morning bike ride to work and out for dinner that evening. They never make my feet too hot or too cold and the odour absorbing material means no more stinky feet after a busy day!” - Charlie, Merry People. “I walk every day to work every day 50 minutes to work and my feet dont get too hot and sweaty - They’re my go to socks” - Morgana, Merry People.



Merry People are a Melbourne label with an ambition to redefine the humble gumboot to an everyday staple! Growing up with quality gumboots on a farm in Country Victoria, Founder Dani Holloway saw an opportunity to blend the quality farm boots she grew up wearing with function and design. Merry People are a direct-to-consumer business with fulfilment centres in Melbourne, LA & soon the UK. Merry People are a small team of 7 based out of Collingwood!

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