Listen up, Aussie mums.


Underwear may seem like a small detail, but trust us, it's a BIG deal.


Not only does it protect your down under, but it also keeps you feeling fresh and confident all day long.


Don't believe us? Try going commando for a day and see how you feel. We'll wait.


Bottom line: You need underwear.


And not just any underwear, you need high quality underwear that holds up in the wash and doesn’t have to be replaced every few months.

So what's the hype about this underwear?

1. Engineered with Paire's patented NudeTech™.

Paire’s NudeTech™ undies are 100% designed with sustainable materials.


Including a luxury material: Super Fine Modal


Almost two years (and hundreds of rounds of prototypes) went into developing this breakthrough fabric technology, which will make you feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all!


"Doesn’t dig in or feel to tight it’s comfortable when on - genuinely feels like you aren’t wearing anything!" - Mattie

2. Super antibacterial.

Paire's underwear is made of RegSilk™, a natural and sustainable fibre regenerated from wasted silk cocoons!


These regenerated silk fibres are smooth, skin-friendly, anti-smell and hypoallergenic.


The innate active antimicrobial properties keep the undie and your down under hygienic at all times.


3. Experience ultimate comfort.

Besides RegSilk™, Paire underwear is also made from super-fine modal, a tree fibre that is soft on the skin - 2x softer than regular undies!


It is supportive in all the right areas and wraps around your body comfortably without leaving a trace.


And did I mention it’s also super breathable and moisture-wicking?


Soft on the skin, seamless and stays in place - did someone say second skin?

4. Invest in quality.

We know how difficult it can be to find durable underwear that stays in perfect condition even after several wash cycles.


Made of patented, quality material like RegSilk™ and super-fine modal, Paire's underwear is built to last.


Rather than settling for cheap underwear that needs to be replaced after just a few uses, invest in long-lasting quality with Paire's underwear.

5. Reduce waste.

Tired of constantly running to the store for disposable period products?


Ditch 'em!


With our underwear, you'll never have to worry about constantly replacing them. You no longer have to go to the supermarket every few months to get replacement underwear.


Am I the only one hearing celebratory bells ringing right now?


Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and hassle and hello to convenience and freedom.


When it comes to you and your family’s comfort, you never have to settle for less.


It’s good for you, and good for the planet.

6. Underwear from down under.

Paire was started by Nathan and Rex from Melbourne, who pioneered the world’s first odourless socks.


Now, they have moved on to revolutionising the underwear industry, and we’re all for it.

7. Zero risk.

If you don’t like it, just return it!


Yes, it’s 100% legal with Paire’s 100 day trial guarantee!


Whether there’s an issue with sizing or if it just doesn’t feel right for you, just send it back to us and get a full refund, no questions asked.


That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it!

8. Top-Notch Customer Service.

Paire's dedicated service team is online to fast and friendly assistance to deliver the 'good feels'.


Their customer service team response time is under 18 hr response time.


Exceeding the industry standards.

They genuinely listen to customers - integrating their feedback into making future products even better.

10,000 Australians are loving our undies. Experience the nude feels.

Your choice of underwear can make a huge difference in your life, so choose carefully and consider yourself warned!
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