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Best Winter Socks Loved by 30,000 Australians

100-day no question return. Mix and match your own packs.

  • Quarter Socks

    Not too long, not too short. Just the right amount of comfort.

  • Calf Socks

    Warm all the way up your calves. And stay up all day.

  • Ankle Socks

    Ultra soft cushion, warmest ankle socks for Winter.

“Life Changing Socks” - Rae


Sock technology hasn't changed for decades. But we are changing it for good. Up your sock game with:

- Socks shaped just like your heels, at the right angle. (Who likes socks that slip?)

- Seamless toes. (Say goodbye to itchy toes.)

- Moisture-wicking fabric. (Not soggy, not stinky.)

- Supreme CoolBlend© technology. (Smoother, softer. Cool in Summer, warm in Winter.)

- Invisible arc support. (No more blisters and all-day freshness.)



We firmly believe that natural fabrics are best for your skin, and the planet.

Wool is anti-microbial. Finally, we can stop bacteria growth on feet. Long-staple organic cotton lasts longer than regular cotton and is grown with zero harmful chemicals.

The supreme CoolBlend© is a thoughtfully designed blend of Australian Merino wool and organic combed cotton.

Treat your feet with a 100-day risk-free trial. We get it.

Online shopping is hard. If Paire isn't for you, we'll gladly refund you.

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Try risk-free with

100-day trial

Online shopping is hard. We get it. Paire wants you to feel good about your choice.

A lot can happen in a 100 days. You might switch up your style, your dog might decide to chew on your new socks, or your washing machine swallows your socks for good.

That’s why we give you 100 days to try out any Paire socks. Free return, no questions asked. So you can be sure about your perfect Paire.