Need better sleep? Your answer is Merino wool

Need better sleep? Your answer is Merino wool

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We already know what you’re thinking.

'Wouldn’t I feel too hot sleeping in wool?’

So what makes Merino Wool the missing piece to your best night’s sleep?

Temperature Regulating

Merino wool traps body heat in tiny pockets of air created by its naturally crimped and tightly packed fibres, while also wicking moisture away from the skin to prevent overheating.

This means that in the thick of winter while under bundles of blankets, your body will stay cool and dry, so that you’ll feel just right.

Buttery Soft 

Merino Wool fibres are ultra fine allowing it to bend gently against your skin. In addition, the fabric is also a blend of Eucalyptus tree fibres, giving its silky softness.

So on top of tucking yourself snugly under the covers, Merino wool PJ’s will add to your comfort with its soft and luxurious feeling.

No Bad Smell

Because of the unique properties of merino wool fibres which help keep your skin cool and dry, it prevents the build up of bacteria, sweat and stink.

So on those days when you don’t feel like changing from your PM to your AM outfit, and we’ve all been there, you don’t need to worry about any bad smells.

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