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Modal Underwear For Women

Let's talk underwear – because who hasn't experienced the power of a comfy pair to make your day that much better? Our women's modal underwear is all about that perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainability. We're here to redefine what it means to feel good in your undies, offering a lineup that not only feels like a dream but also does right by the planet. Ready to upgrade your underwear game?
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Why Women's Modal Underwear is a Must-Have

Forget settling for less. Our women's modal underwear offers exceptional comfort, thanks to sustainably sourced beechwood fibres. This means you get underwear that's not only incredibly soft but also environmentally friendly, ensuring you feel good in more ways than one.

Micro Modal Underwear, Women’s Collection

Imagine slipping into a fabric that's twice as soft as cotton, as light and breathable as a gentle breeze against your skin. Micro modal underwear, women’s collection is the ultimate choice for those who refuse to compromise on comfort or quality. Crafted with our exclusive NudeTech™ technology, our micro modal underwear, women’s range redefines the meaning of comfort. This innovative approach transforms your undergarments into an experience so natural, it feels like wearing nothing at all. Made from plant-based Modal fabric, NudeTech™ offers a sensation that's as close to bare skin as it gets. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bunching and hello to a sleek, mid-waist design that elevates the essence of wearing briefs.

Whether you're tackling a workout or a long day at the office, our modal underwear, women’s collection, keeps you feeling fresh. With built-in anti-odour and antimicrobial properties, featuring our RegSilk™ fibres, you can bid farewell to bacterial buildup and hello to all-day confidence. This innovative technology is just one more way we're enhancing your comfort and well-being.

Designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, our modal-based undergarments are engineered to keep you cool and dry all day long. Their breathable, moisture-wicking design ensures you never feel sticky or uncomfortable, while their discreet silhouette remains invisible under any outfit. With our micromodal undies, you're not just choosing underwear – you're choosing a seamless fusion of comfort, technology, and sophistication.

Modal Underwear for Women is Designed for Discretion and Comfort

Our modal underwear for women is crafted to ensure you stay sweat-free and comfortable, no matter your outfit. Thanks to its breathability and sleek design, you can wear what you want, when you want, without compromise. Modal underwear for women is made to take you through any part of your day. From sleep to the gym, our modal undies will keep you comfy and fresh. 

Commit to Eco-Friendly Choices with Every Pair

By choosing our modal underwear, women’s range, you're making a decision that's as kind to the environment as it is to your skin. Our commitment to sustainability means every pair is a step towards a more eco-conscious wardrobe.

Paire's commitment to sustainability extends far beyond our material choices. It's deeply ingrained in our brand ethos, guiding every aspect of our decision-making process. Whether it's implementing ethical production standards or leading the charge in eco-friendly innovations, Paire exemplifies how businesses can succeed while placing the planet at the forefront.

Caring for Your Modal Underwear

Keeping your women's modal underwear in perfect condition is easy. A simple wash in cool or warm water is all it takes to maintain their softness and durability, ensuring they remain a favourite in your collection for a long time.
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