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A lightweight t-shirt made from Aussie Merino wool and eucalyptus fibres. Soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, skin-friendly and temperature-regulating. 

Paire’s Classic T Suits Every Season

Everyone needs a classic t-shirt that changes with the seasons. Adaptable and moisture wicking, our classic tees counteract any weather with their Aussie Merino Wool. Guaranteed to keep you cosy 24/7, our classic tee shirts are your new best friend. These classic tees are made from our own Supreme BreezeBlend™ fabric. 

A mix of Aussie Merino Wool and eucalyptus tree fibres keep you temperature regulated, ensuring you stay warm in cooler conditions and cool when it gets steamy outside.

Make them a staple in your eco-friendly wardrobe for year-round ease and comfort.

No Sweat, No Stink

We know getting sweaty is a part of life, but being uncomfortable isn't. Our temperature regulating Aussie Merino Wool classic t-shirts adapts to your body, making sure you’re always feeling (and smelling) fresh.

If you’re hiking or shopping, a Paire classic tee is going to be the first thing you reach for.

Paire's Promise: Great Quality, Awesome Design, and Earth-Friendly Choices

Choosing Paire? That means you're all in for fantastic quality, fresh designs, and serious comfort. Our classic tee shirt collection isn't just made for you; it's made with the planet in mind. 

When you wear our classic tees, you're part of a community that values responsible fashion and supports local craftsmanship. Plus, you get the added bonus of wearing a classic t that's as good for the environment as it looks on you.

While you're enjoying our cosy and stylish wear, you're also doing a solid for the Earth and backing an Australian business. It's a win-win!

Versatile & Unisex

Whether you’re hiking, working out or just lounging, our classic tee shirts are built for any environment. They're designed to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle or activity, providing comfort and style wherever you go. 

Plus, they're like the Swiss Army knife of your wardrobe – ready for anything and always reliable. And hey, everyone can jump on the style train. Think of them as your go to, whether you're scaling a mountain or just scaling the couch for a Netflix marathon.

Bundle Classic T-Shirts & Save

Already love Paire, or need to stock up on quality classic tees? Save up to 5% with a pack of 2 Classic T-Shirts, or get a pack of 3 to save up to 10%. It's the perfect opportunity to fill your wardrobe with premium classic tee shirts at a great price.

With a 100 day risk free trial, it’s a no brainer. You get to experience the quality and comfort of our classic t’s with complete peace of mind. And if you're gifting, these bundles make for a present that says ‘I care’ more than anything else.

So, whether it's for you or someone special, our bundle deals are a smart way to enjoy more of what you love.

Looking After Your Classic Tee

Paire’s classic tees are made to last, but your new t-shirts need your help staying as perfect as they can be. 

  • Turn your classic tee shirts inside out.
  • Keep the water cool while you machine wash on a gentle or wool cycle, saving your classic tee from shrinking!
  • Skip the bleach and fabric softener, and stick to mild soap.
  • Don’t stress about pilling - it’s all natural with Merino Wool.

By taking good care of your Paire’s, you're not just preserving their quality, but also helping out mother nature. Each time you choose to extend the life of your classic tee shirts you're reducing waste and making a positive impact. 

So cherish your Paire classic tshirts, and they'll keep you looking cool and feeling great for seasons to come.