"OH. MY. GOLLY." Aussie Olympians are going nuts for these Active Performance Socks

"OH. MY. GOLLY." Aussie Olympians are going nuts for these Active Performance Socks

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Tokyo Aussie Olympians at Tokyo Olympics are going nuts for their Paire Active Performance Socks. They are made with a seamless-toe and cloud-cushion to prevent blisters and feet pain. 

They are designed for active people with active lifestyles and have used a unique BreezeBlend™ material that dries faster while smelling less. Tested and approved by Olympians and tons of professional athletes.

Here’s what they have to say about them:
Abby Bishop

o Abby Bishop,  Olympian Basketball Player

“Hey Hey, I’ve worn them to train two times and I LOVE THEM!!! So comfortable!!!”

Kiara Reddingius

o Kiara Reddingius,  Olympian Bobsleigh Brakewomen

“OH. MY. GOLLY. Actually the comfiest things ever. Like walking on little baby clouds 😍. Honestly didn't believe I'd notice any sort of difference in 'sock technology' - but these things are legit.”

o Karri McMahon, Olympian Pro Hockey Player

“Loved the Active Ankle Socks this morning. The addition of the higher and thicker heel is brilliant, and the socks are so warm but very breathable. Socks were fairly absorbent, and my shoes weren’t soaked after the workout. Also loved how they don’t slip and are very comfortable in general”

Milly Tapper

o Melissa Tapper, Olympian Table Tennis Player

“Sundays are for things that feel good.”

Emily Abbot

o Emily Abbot, 
Olympian Rhythmic Gymnast 

“So beautiful, I wore them to training tonight. It was like walking on a cloud, thank you so much X.”

Their newest addition to the active range is the Winter Snow Sport Socks, designed to keep you warm and protected in the icy elements all the way over your calves with no irritation. Another range is the No-Show socks - anti-slip, anti-blister and anti-smell are some of their best qualities but what makes them so game-changing is that they stop your socks from eating your shoes!

Quarter Socks were also one of the favourites of the athletes, simply because they're not too long and not too short, just the perfect length. Read the story of Peter Counsell, the 65-year-old who took up an Everest Marathon challenge with Paire Quarter Socks and Active Ankle Socks.

All Paires are sustainably made with all natural fibres as we firmly believe that they are best for your skin, and the planet.

So go ahead, treat your toes like an Olympian and replace your sock draw with the world’s comfiest active socks.