Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Paire's Sustainable Fashion

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Paire's Sustainable Fashion

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Whether you’re an urban explorer or an outdoor enthusiast, the right gear is essential. 

At Paire, we get that the modern explorer's life doesn't pause when the trail ends. That's why our designs are tailored to transition effortlessly from cityscapes to mountain escapes.

Take Paire to new heights, from overnight hikes in Kathmandu to beach walks closer to home. 

Our Vision

If you're anything like us, you know that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a necessity. 

That's why we’re so committed to bringing you clothes that won’t cost us the earth, creating our own environmentally friendly and durable fabrics. 

Born in Melbourne, Paire is vertically integrated, so we own our entire supply chain. This means we know exactly what's going on at every step of the way, especially when it comes to materials and fair labour. 

Get Outdoors with Paire

We have every fabric you’ll need for a successful and fun day out. 

  • Supreme Cool Blend™: A cross between Aussie Merino Wool and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Created by us, this blend is a world-first. Get the best of both worlds with temperature regulation, softness, moisture-wicking and durability. 
  • NudeTech™: We made this one by mixing RegSilk™ (made from wasted silk cocoons) and super fine modal.
  • AirFibre©: Inspired by a traditional Japanese yarn twisting method, this blend of water-soluble and organic cotton threads gives rise to a yarn that's not only expansive but super breathable. Plus, it uniquely softens with each use, enhancing its luxurious feel over time.
  • Supreme Breeze Blend©: Made from Merino wool and moisture-wicking TENCEL. Sourced from cruelty-free woolsheds in Victoria and New South Wales, it’s anti-bacterial and wrinkle-resistant.

Paires: For any Occasion

If you’re a modern explorer, Paire has the outdoor gear to make your days a breeze. On a hot day, try our Merino-Blend Unisex Classic T-Shirt. 

This one keeps the humidity at bay with natural thermal regulation and is odour-resistant to let you focus on the journey. Cool in the summer and cosy in winter, we’ve done the science so you don’t have to. 

If you’re more of an early-morning surfer, keep warm with Supreme Cool Blend™ Unisex Sweatpants. Wrap yourself in a cloud with our heavy-weight boiled wool. Making sure you stay well insulated without getting too sweaty, these are ideal for putting on after a cold Melbourne dip. 

Stand out on the Trail

While looking fashion-forward on a trek isn't the most important, we know it can’t hurt. If you can look good while hiking, we say go for it, and our apparel is your gateway to blending fashion and function. 

Whether it’s supportive underwear, odour-free socks, or cropped t-shirts, you can trust us to make you look good while you work out. 

Even if you’re just running errands, we’ve got you covered. Try our Merino-Blend Unisex Lounge Pants for a sleek look. Go for our wrinkle-free Aussie Merino Unisex Shorts - perfect for chill days at home or a multi-day hike with friends. 

Classic Design: Paire

Paire was designed to fit in anywhere, whether it's the city or the trail. Elevate your style with our pieces that will stand the test of time: when it comes to fashion and durability. 

Caring for your Paires

As the weather gets warmer, we know you’ll be getting outdoors more often, and sweating it out more than usual. This means more washes, but we at Paire want to make sure keeping your apparel clean won’t impact their condition. 

Here are our top tips to keep your pieces feeling as good as new:

  • Read our care labels carefully, as different fabrics need different care. 
  • Use a cold wash to keep your piece's colour, structure and fit perfect. 
  • Line dry to not only save the planet but stop any colour fading. 

Stay away from any strong chemicals like bleach and fabric softener.

Mix and Match with your Wardrobe

While our clothes are minimal classics, we want to make sure our Paires will fit your wardrobe. We avoid the never-ending trend cycles by making pieces that you’ll keep for years, new clothes you can pair with the ones you already have.

We want to make sure we aren’t contributing to the already incredibly high fashion waste crisis. Paire is perfect for those who want to keep it minimalist with pattern-free block colours, but also able to be paired with bolder colours or prints for those fashionistas out there. 

Any Occasion, Any Time: Paire

The beauty of Paire lies in its adaptability. We don’t want you to just wear our clothes to the office, we want you to wear them on a coffee run, on a big climbing session, to bed and the top of a mountain. 

Take us with you anywhere, and our apparel will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your daily activities.