Quality and Style: How Paire is Redefining Outdoor Apparel

Quality and Style: How Paire is Redefining Outdoor Apparel

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There are countless apparel brands for the outdoorsy and homebodies alike, but none of them are doing it like Paire. 

We know the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to overconsumption, unfair labour exploitation and degradation of the environment. That’s why the duo behind Paire knew they had to change the game.

An Outdoor Lovers Best Friend: Paire

If you’re going on a 3-day hike or chilling at home, you need clothes that are going to keep you as comfy as possible but also allow your skin to breathe. Take our Calf Socks for example. Perfect for long treks, these are made with our special ingredient, Supreme CoolBlend™. 

Scratching your head? You may have never heard of this material, probably because it's our very own creation. 

Made up of Aussie Merino Wool and Organic Cotton, these aren't your ordinary socks. Anti-stink, sustainable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and more, our Calf Socks are ready to hold your hand (or feet) while you hike the day away. 

Getting Outdoors in Style

Clear skies, fresh air and serene views: we all love getting outside, but doing it and looking good is another story. 

We want to dispel the myth that if you’re going hiking, climbing or just lounging around, you have to only look practical. Combine fashion and function with our timeless silhouettes - set to keep the heat away and keep you comfy.

Love Our Planet with Paire

At Paire, we want you to wear your morals every day. Using science and technology, we’ve developed garments and fabrics that reduce the amount of synthetic fibres and increase the lifespan of your clothes. 

Not just sustainable, our fabrics are durable. By taking the best bits from different textiles, we designed, road-tested, failed, tried again and succeeded. We didn’t want to take shortcuts, instead, we tried to create quality clothes that didn’t hurt the earth, fabricators or farmers along the way.

By creating our Supreme CoolBlend™, NudeTech™, AirFibre© and Supreme BreezeBlend©, we’re recycling fabric and giving you the most comfortable, durable and elevated garments we possibly can. 

Learn more about what’s in our textiles on our website.

Keep it Chic

We’ve nailed getting our clothes and undergarments practical, sustainable and comfortable, but where we see others fall short is style. 

A quick peek at our collection will tell you this isn't the case at Paire. We’re committed to being your one-stop shop for hiking, lounging or camping - while still looking stylish.

If your aesthetic leans more minimal, our apparel comes in earthy warm colours and timeless designs that’ll still look innovative in ten years. 

Explore with Paire

Want to get out and about, but not sure where to start? Let us help:

  • Hike it out: Pick a solid trail and your favourite snacks and enjoy the ultimate calm. Make sure you have enough water and sunscreen in your pack, and our lightweight clothes on your back. 
  • Chill at the beach: Listen to the ocean waves, swim or surf. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll be the most stylish beachgoer with Paire.
  • Stay in: We know getting outside is important, but so is giving your body a break. Choose our soft fabrics and cool styles to look as good as you’ll feel. 

Two people hiking in the bush

Make our Gear Work for You

Mix and match your existing wardrobe and our classic clothes if you’re bolder with your choices. Team any colour in our collection with the prints and patterns you already have to create as many combinations as you can. 

After a temperature-regulating sweater you can wear to the office? Grab our outdoor chic SilKnit™ and Merino Wool Unisex Sweater. Need a sweat-resistant tank top for that overnight hike? Choose our luxe Bleezeblend™, our mix of Merino Wool and Eucalyptus Tree Fibre. 

Whether it’s a day on the couch, a coffee with friends or a day surfing, Paire will have you looking good. 

How To Maximise Your Clothes Lifespan

To keep your new Paire clothes as perfect as possible:

  • Machine wash: Keep that water cool or if you have to - warm. This avoids shrinkage but has the bonus of being better for the environment.
  • Mild soap: Try to stay away from bleach and fabric softener if possible, as these chemicals can damage the fibres over time. 
  • Air dry: Let the sun do the work and give your Paires (and the earth) a day off from the tumble dryer.