Jenny's Journey: 500,000 Steps with Paire Socks

Jenny's Journey: 500,000 Steps with Paire Socks

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It's not everyday that we receive a raving review like this one;

Over 500,000 steps and elevation of more than 8000m…the socks were perfect every single day of the journey. THANK YOU !!!”. 

Naturally, we had to know who this woman was.

This is Jenny: daughter, hiker and ballroom dancer.

Q: What made you walk the Coast to Coast?

The Coast to Coast walk was my mum’s lifetime favourite walk. She did it aged 66 in 1997 and became so excited I was walking it this year when I was that same age. She’s 93 in a nursing home and played along at home with maps, books and the itinerary. My daily update calls have given her a renewed lease on life and this was actually the best part of the amazing journey for me.


Q: What are your feet pains?

I’m 66 with multiple foot issues/injuries I’m nursing so was on a suitable sock hunt for more than a year. My multiple foot injuries have mostly been caused by a lifetime of working with horses, although 30 years of ballroom dancing added to the mix!

Q: What made you choose Paire?

First the cushioning is only where it’s needed, so there is no excess bulk on the top of the foot. Second, the organic cotton mixed with the merino makes for a cooler sock than merino alone. This latter one was my deciding factor when doing my test walks, my feet were noticeably cooler than in the merino alternatives I was also testing.