Our journey to become Earth's favourite Paire

Our journey to become Earth's favourite Paire

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There are many problems with the fashion industry.

The damage to our environment, labour exploitation, consumerism, and more.

Paire is determined to change this. With science.



“Every 25 seconds an Olympic-sized pool of oil is used to make synthetic clothing.”

“On average, clothes are only worn seven times before being discarded. 99% of the clothes are not recycled and go to landfill.”

Paire's vision is to develop innovative functional garments with sustainable natural materials.

This will not only reduce the volume of synthetic fibres used in the industry but also improve the usability of garments and increase the average lifespan of clothes.

Paire utilises materials to their fullest. This is our first step to creating a better future.

So far, our research and development team has created these new fabric technologies: 


Paire burgundy socks


Made from Aussie Merino wool and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Blended at a micro level. Paire has created the world's first wool and cotton blend yarn.
Getting the best features of both natural materials. Temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, soft, and durable.
Paire black underwear
Made from super fine modal and RegSilk™ Protein Fibre.
RegSilk™ is a natural and sustainable fibre regenerated from wasted silk cocoons. It contains active antimicrobial properties that keeps the undies hygienic at all times.
Super fine modal is a complete upgrade of modal. Softer, smoother and more eco-friendly in the process of making.
Paire towel
The 100% organic material Supreme AirFibre© is inspired by an ancient Japanese yarn twisting technique. By blending a water-soluble thread with a long-staple organic cotton thread together at a micro-level. It creates expansion in the yarn and allows airflow through the fabric.
It is half the weight with double absorption. And gets softer over time.
Paire mint and off-white t-shirt
BreezeBlend© is made from wool and TENCEL.
The Merino wool is sourced from cruelty-free woolsheds across Victoria and New South Wales. It is temperature-regulating and anti-bacterial.
The TENCEL™ fibres are fashioned from eucalyptus wood pulp derived from certified renewable sources. They keep the t-shirts wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking.