Social responsibility – the common thread of Paire

Social responsibility – the common thread of Paire

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Good feels all ‘round. 

There’s nothing ordinary about our product. It was designed with many living beings in mind. Our customers. The Merino sheep that provide us with the finest grade of wool. The many farmers who pick our organic cotton. And most importantly, the many generations to come. 
We work with conscious suppliers the world over, so you can be confident that Paire products are as good for your skin as they are for the planet. 

Were any sheep harmed in the making of Paire?
Absolutely not. Fun fact: sheep actually love being shaved. We’ve not been able to converse with them but we imagine they get the same joy from a shave as we do from a good haircut. 

What’s the difference between normal cotton and organic cotton?
The cotton trade is a dangerous one. The industry, quite literally, grows on toxicity. Chemicals are used in production, farmers ingest the chemicals and their health suffers the consequences. It’s not a profitable one either. With no profit and a lack of good health, the suicide rate is at an all time high – ten cotton-related suicides a day in India. 
Organic cotton means no toxicity. That goes for all definitions of the word. It currently makes up 1.5% of the entire cotton industry globally. We’d like to make this the new normal which is why organic cotton is the only cotton we’ll ever use. 

We are GOTS-certified 
Huh? GOTS stands for Global Organic Textiles Standard. They’re essentially the police for our industry and we have their tick of approval – meaning we care about thoughtful creation and we have the accreditation to prove it. 

What does the future look like?
Great question. We are working towards making Paire a carbon-negative brand. This means we’ll invest back into the farms we work with via biodiversity projects. Together, we’ll mitigate the carbon-dioxide impact of your socks (and the Merino wool that goes into them) making us a plus plus plus for the planet.