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Compression Sock / Pack of 4


"So nice and warm whilst keeping the blood flowing back to my body."

- Cheryl H.

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4 x Compression Sock

Elevate your travel experience with Paire's Travel Compression Socks, crafted from sustainably-sourced eucalyptus fibres and premium Aussie Merino wool. Say goodbye to tired legs and hello to elevated comfort and circulation, perfect for even the longest of journeys.

Class 1: 15-20 mmHg (Light compression)

45% BreezeBlend™ (30% Australian Merino Wool, 15% Tree Fibre Tencel Lyocell), 30% Nylon, 20% Recycled Polyester, 5% Spandex

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No slipping & No blisters

90-degree heels and hand-sewn seamless toes. Fits like a glove.

Cloud Cushion, with wool insulation

So you can feel things like walking on a cloud.

Never sweaty, with anti-bacterial fabric

Aussie Merino wool. Stops stench at the source.

This is not your ordinary sock. Made with fancy things like soft Merino wool and breathable eucalyptus fibres. So you can feel things like walking on a cloud, sinking your toes in the sand, and stepping into a warm bath kind of comfort. Holds you close like a hug from your favourite auntie.

We almost forget the best part. Each sock is designed with a smart 90-degree shape to keep them in place—when hiking, running, or kicking your feet up. So when they tell you to pull your socks up, you can say Paire does it for you.

No more uninvited smells. Our signature Supreme BreezeBlend™ does the moisture-wicking, odour-preventing work for you. The result? The world’s first stink-free socks—your podiatrist can thank us later.

Class 2 compression helps reduce muscle recovery time, relieves muscle stiffness and pain, prevents strain, injury and fatigue, decreases lactic acid build-up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Jacki W.
More sizes needed

I purchased the size M/L as the size S/M would have been too small, but they were a little large for me. Due to flight delays I ended up wearing them for about 36 hrs. The elastic at the top dug into the back of my knee (I think they were too long for me) and a hole developed in the toe .
I loved the feel of these socks though and because my size is bang in the middle of size M on the chart , I would like to see 3 sizes S,M, and L rather than the 2 sizes offered.

Pete D.
Does the job!

I love them which is why I bought more. I bought a few different brands as testers and settled for Paire so I grabbed a bulk pack.
Hard to get something that's perfect for everyone but these ones are bloody close.
For me the only change o would make is more compression int the foot area.


Fairly comfy, wish there was a version that had better compression for my POTS


Great fit very comfortable even in summer

Melissa G.
Comfortable compression socks

When we go on long flights we have always worn compression socks. They are usually made of a synthetic material and are always uncomfortable when we arrive at our destination and walk anywhere. My new Paire compression socks are made of wool and are so comfortable. When they arrived we wore them and are really happy at how comfortable they are. No blisters or smelly feet just pure bliss. Very happy.